The Triumph of Venus”  - Masterwork

"Giuseppe Armani was born in Calci (Pisa) and has today achieved international fame and recognition as a sculptor. His sculptures are produced in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. We have over 300 of Guisepe Armani's sculptures in stock including all three of his limited edition masterwork produced to date;  "Aurora" the Goddess of the dawn, “Circle of Joy” and “The Triumph of Venus”.  The Triumph of Venus is the third of Giuseppe Armani's master works and he will be producing only one approximately every two years.

In addition to the Giuseppe Armani sculptures we offer his limited collection of Wall Art. These are oil paintings based on his sculptures. We also have in stock his Nativity sets."




                                  Elegance & Harmonie                                                   The Guardian                                                          Promenade

                                    L/E 250 - $875 & $775                                                   L/E 1500 - $1000                                                      L/E 675 - $2500


Shown here are only a few of the many fine porcelain sculptures by Guideppe Armani.  Please constact us when you are looking for a particular piece or theme.

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